“Deni has big potential in the NBA” Maccabi Tel Aviv Coach Ioannis Sfairopoulos talks Avdija ahead of Draft

Ahead of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Euroleague game at Real Madrid on Wednesday, Head Coach Ioannis Sfairopoulos spoke about Deni Avdija and the upcoming NBA Draft.

“Deni is a product of Maccabi and we are very proud of him and he’s a player that everybody loves of the team whether it’s players, coaches, management, owners and fans. The entire country is with Deni. We wish him good luck and we know that he will succeed as we know him for 7-8 years. Last season he had the chance to show his talent and Maccabi improved him. Maccabi works with the young guys from the academy and produces players and we are very happy that they are on the court this year.”

“I believe that Deni has big potential in the NBA and he’s already and NBA player. I don’t know which team will pick him as there are rumors and I don’t want to get involved as to which specific team will pick him. I only want him for his own good that he will go to a team that believes in him and team that he will have a chance to play on the court and show what he can do because Deni can do great things. All of us are proud of him and we will follow him and we will follow his progress in the NBA from now on. We will always be very proud of him.”

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