Cycle Israel and the Peaks of the World

Sep 2, 2018 | Other Sports

The Jewish world now has a company catering to the needs of Jewish road cyclists: Kosher Cycle Tours. The company is focused on providing customers with fabulously rewarding, well-supported riding experiences in Europe and Israel, along with great kosher food, wonderful Shabbat experiences, and more.

Why Kosher Cycle Tours? Aaron Hurwitz, a Lubavitcher road cyclist was unable to find cycle tours suited to an observant lifestyle and started Kosher Cycle Tours primarily to address the issue.

Kosher Cycle Tours offers you peace of mind. In addition to staying at world-class hotels, Kosher Cycle Tours does all the logistical planning for you from the moment you touch down at the airport until the moment you arrive safely back at the airport to return home. From planning and scouting the best routes, to ensuring Kosher food, and of course, providing fabulous support en route, Kosher Cycle Tours helps you feel like a pro every day you ride with them.

Plus, and here’s the big deal: Having the Kosher Cycle Tours support crew and vehicle there, ready to hand you a rain jacket, thermal jersey, change of base layer, a thicker or lighter pair of gloves, nutrition, a new drink bottle, or lunch is more than just a luxury; it makes a cycle tour happy and safe.

Photo: Joe Hyams

Kosher Cycle Tours destinations and routes offer great cycling, gorgeous views, and incredible memories. This coming Sukkot, sample a FREE riding experience in Israel, or a family ride and customized tour at reasonable prices.

In July, Kosher Cycle Tours ran a 10 day tour in the Dolomites in northern Italy, staying at the 4 star Mehadrin hotel My Kosher Hotel until the hoshgochoh of the Biala Rebbe. Over 7 days of riding, the tour covered 540 kilometers of riding and 18,150 meters of “climbing”. A four day tour in Israel, Cycling the Peaks, is scheduled for right after Sukkot, with more tours scheduled throughout the year.

You can visit their website at New tours are added on an ongoing basis.

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