Coaching conundrum at Hapoel Tel Aviv

Jan 18, 2016 | The Pulpit

Hapoel Tel Aviv’s coaching circus is just that. A circus. With Eli Gutman installed as manager and Guy Levy as coach, it’s clear that this relationship was doomed before it ever began. Why would a professional want to have someone on top of him especially now with the reports that Gutman will be running the training session tomorrow. Not to mention that the players who have been coming and going faster than a revolving door and don’t even know at this point who is in charge, the uncertainty just continues to paint the franchise into a bad corner.

Owner Amir Kabiri made a bold move and got the former Israel National Team coach on board, now he must exert his power and stop the nonsense that is going on as to who is manning the sidelines if Gutman can’t make the move, or doesn’t want to make the move himself.

A decision needs to be made sooner rather than later or else Hapoel will be fighting for their relegation lives. We’re heading into Matchday 20 with more than half of the season already gone. A move needs to be made fast, very, very fast.

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