Podcast: Coach Tom Penders visits The Sports Rabbi!

Coach Tom Penders to me is one of the class acts of all sports. Coach Penders joined me this past Wednesday evening to discuss his new book, “Dead Coach Walking” published by Reedy Press.

A class act top to bottom and a world class coach, one could not be any bigger “Mench”.

Coach Penders discussed his own college career, his run through the various tournaments with Houston, Texas and Rhode Island and talked about the importance of himself being a point guard and the strength of a team which is lead by a top notch point man.

One of Coach Penders favorite players as a child to watch was Johnny Egan who played 11 seasons in the NBA, and he spoke eloquently of his memories of Egan being that ultimate PG.

Of course the discussion also dealt with his time at Texas and his feelings about the end and the current place he holds or the lack of current place he holds with the University.

And before we closed out a discussion of his medical problems were talked about and the importance of getting the right treatment at the right time.

Click here to download The Sports Rabbi speaking with Coach Tom Penders

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