“Being back in Israel is a great accomplishment for me” – Amare Stoudemire Arrives at Maccabi Tel Aviv

Amare Stoudemire arrived in Israel and spoke to the press at Ben Gurion airport about signing with Maccabi Tel Aviv:

Saying that he would only play for Hapoel Jerusalem in Israel:
“I think that was about 3 years ago actually. The last interview I had I was speaking about play at a high level I wanted to compete at the highest level which would be the NBA or the Euroleague, I think the last time we spoke I was saying it was maybe the last time I’d be playing in Jerusalem only because I want to rea goals of playing at the NBA or Euroleague. I haven’t played Euroleague yet. Obviously my quest of playing basketball is very active. So being able to now back in Israel also in the winner league and in the Euroleague is a great accomplishment for me.”

Potentially signing with Jerusalem in the summer:
“I spoke and tried to get back with the club this year it didn’t work out so I went to China and played, so I went back to Miami after that to play in a high level of basketball, and I got the opportunity here, for Maccabi it’s a good chance to be back in Israel which is the most important to me and play at the highest level of basketball.”

Conversations with Jerusalem about joining the team after leaving China at the end of 2019:
“It was brief, the team was already constructed those guys did a great job building the roster with the opportunity they had I totally respect the decisions they made, so my decision was for myself from a basketball standpoint Jerusalem is still very special I’m my heart but it’s a basketball thing I want to continue to play.”

Keys to succeeding at Maccabi:
“I think it’s a matter of being able to adjust with my teammates and build chemistry with them learn the plays and be active. Get back in top shape and see what happens from there. There is no pressure at the moment to try and demand playing time it’s more about building chemistry now and see what happens from there.”

Still being a part owner of Jerusalem while playing for Maccabi:
“Well it wasn’t an issue when I was playing for the team that I owned. But if I need to trade my stocks of the team I have no problem with any decision that needs to be made.”

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