Always wants to win, soft touch, physical: Who are you Hapoel Afula forward Tyran de Lattibeaudiere?

Aug 30, 2023 | Holyland Hoops

Tyran de Lattibeaudiere joined Hapoel Afula for the 23/24 season after having played for Orleans in the France. The 32 year old hails from Kingston, Jamaica and attended Lamar University where he scored 13.4 points and added 7.7 rebounds per game. After college de Lattibeaudiere played in Spain before heading to the second division in France where he played for the majority of his career. This past season at Orleans the power forward contributed 16.5 points, 6.2 boards, 2.5 assists and 1.2 blocks per game.

To learn more about Tyran de Lattibeaudiere, The Sports Rabbi spoke to a number of his teammates:

Pully Basket Teammates:
Travis Wilkerson: Ty is someone who is always working on his game. I’d say his strongest skill is how he plays and finishes around the basket. Taking advantage of his reach, athletic ability and craftiness, he finds a way to score. He’s also recently developed a three point shot making him and absolute threat anywhere on the court. Aside from offense, he’s an excellent shot blocker and lock down defender. Off the court, I’d describe him as loyal, humble and curious. He’s definitely a great friend to have, looking for the best in people and always wanting to try new experiences.

Andres Rodriguez: Humble and team player, he brings a lot of energy on both sides of the floor. He has always overachieved in all the countries he played in.

Thomas Bugnon: He is a good player and determined.

Julien Waelti: I played with him in 2018. He is a really good player on the both end of the court. He can block shot easily with his huge wingspan and get steals also. He’s also a high-flyer he can dunk on people without any problem. He’s a good teammate that will bring the best of the team.

Jeremy Landenbergue: Obviously Ty is a very good all around player, he can shoot but also plays great defense as he knows how to use his long wingspan. He is a high IQ player and puts the team first. But he’s also a great guy off the court, very down to earth and always ready to crack jokes or help people with anything if they need it.

Jonas Rothrock: It’s not often that we have Jamaicans coming here. He actually lived with me and my family for a month before the club managed to find an apartment for him, and it was so lovely having him with us. It’s rare to have foreign players come play in Switzerland and try to immerse themselves in a new culture, and he was really down to earth having long talks with me and my family, cooking for us after practice and just enjoying meals with the whole family, so he’s a really enjoyable person off the court.

He’s just an amazing person, really kind, a big giant like people say. Really an enjoyable person off the court, always trying to learn French, talk to people and glad to meet new people which is quite rare for foreign players.

On the court, I was one of the young players on the team, a young point guard and it wasn’t easy playing with pro players, they always want everything to be perfect and as a youngster it’s pretty hard. But he was so supportive, even if we messed up as youngsters he was always there constantly encouraging us when other players would get mad, just telling us to not worry about it, just to think about the next play, and just giving us very good pointers on basketball. He started basketball pretty late but his knowledge in basketball, vision of the game and IQ was amazing, so being able to get pointers from him on how to play pick and roll was really nice.

As a young player I couldn’t have wished for a better teammate to be honest, because it wasn’t easy but he was always there to support me and tell me I really had what it took to play the game at that level, and it was a huge benefit playing in the league with older guys and pro players. It was really the support you need as a youngster.

His talent was just amazing. It was weird cause he wasn’t that tall but his arms and hands were just massive, so having him in the paint on defense was dope, a player would get by you and he would be there to block the shot, It was huge for the team. He was so versatile, he could play outside, shoot the ball, go coast to coast and play inside, running pick and rolls with him was the best thing ever, you could just throw the ball anywhere you wanted and he would catch it and dunk the ball. An amazing player to play with from his support but also from his talent. I’m really glad he made it to there, and I’m sure you guys would get a lot from him.

Granada Teammates:
Alejandro Bortolussi: I only shared a year with him but you could see that he definitely had potential. He had professional habits and great work ethic. He also was a good teammate, we lived close to each other and we shared lot of moments in the car going to the gym and he was a very curious person. On the court, he dominated physically and he can spread the floor with open shots.

Eduardo Perez: He was a good guy. I didn’t have any problems with him and the other teammates neither. On the court he is a good player and a good defender, he can block a lot of shots and take a lot of defensive and offensive rebounds because he has a great jump and that helps the team.

Carlos Cobos: He is a very athletic player, who supplements his centimeters with legs that belong to athletes, in addition to his enormous wingspan and hands. Because of that, he is able to run well and when I played with him his shooting range improved a lot, so he is a player who works on his defense. As a person he is quite reserved, he doesn’t usually make a lot of noise in a locker room, so I didn’t get to know him thoroughly. But yes, at no time was he a person who complained.

Voltaire Teammate Jean-Phillipe Dally: Tyran is a very good and athletic player, he’s not tall but he has very long arms and he works well on the floor. He can finish strong on the basket with both hands and he shoots threes too. I think he’s a very good player for this league and he’s a good guy too.

Nancy Teammates:
Andell Cumberbatch: Tyran is one of my favorite teammates, he’s a straightforward type of guy he keeps it real. Someone that always wants to win and hates losing. Versatile player that can play multiple positions. Always working hard and gives his all when playing. I think Israel will open up the eyes of many people for him to show how good he really is. I think this season for him here he will do great and things will take off for him.

Meredis Houmounou: Tyran is an excellent, very athletic player, he is complete and can contribute both in attack and in defense. He is someone who likes to win and who can change the course of a match. He is also an excellent teammate, always positive and smiling.

Tours Teammate:
James Batemon: Tyran was a great teammate, he was very cool on an off the court. He was really good, his percentages inside were amazing so I would say that was his biggest strength, one on one he was unstoppable in the post. He can do everything, he’s like a point forward kind of creator. He was a great player and I think he would excel in the Winner League. The best traits were his soft touch and interior finishing, and he’s a sneaky athlete, very athletic, plays bigger than what he looks.

Diante Watkins: He’s a great guy. Real quiet just likes to work. Really athletic smart player. He can defend all positions I think he will do good in Afula.

Julien Lesieu: He is a very good player capable of doing everything on the court. I personally love playing with him and he is an endearing person on and off the floor. He shoots from 3, he runs, he jumps, he has a wingspan that dissuades a lot. In short a very good choice for the club.

Orleans Teammates:
Junior Mbida: He is very a tough player and an efficient player who have every abilities to play in first division. Don’t fix About his size cause he is athletic and has a big wingspan to fill his undersize. Very good deal for Hapoel Afula.

Christ Sanka: Tyran is a great player, he’s a good guy, a hard worker and he’s very serious in the court, sometimes he likes to stay in his corner (like to be alone) but if you come to him speak he’s a very nice person. He was like my big brother last year in the team. I hope you will have a good season with him, good luck.

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