“All that’s left of Nave Shoham’s house is this shoe” Israel captain Eli Dasa talks ahead of Swiss qualifier

Nov 14, 2023 | Football

After the disappointing 1-0 loss at Kosovo, the Israel National Team will meet the Switzerland National Team on Wednesday (21:45 Israel time) when they will “host” the Swiss in Hungary.

The blue-and-white captain Eli Dasa, spoke about the expectations, preparations and the situation in Israel, while also focussing on Nave Shoham an 8-year-old boy who was abducted by Hamas and is now being held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

Eli Dasa – Photo Credit: IFA

“There were expectations to bring happiness to the people of Israel in the first game of four, but now we are looking forward to the rest of the games. We will continue to do everything in our power to bring a smile to the children of the Gaza Periphery and of the State of Israel.”

The captain added, “We are working on tactics for the upcoming game and are motivated but all in all it is a second game. We are used to playing more than one game a week in the normal situation but a very strong opponent awaits us.”

Before the end of the press conference, Dasa spoke about Nave Shoham and his soccer shoe that he brought along to the Israel National Team games, ”This shoe belongs to Nave Shoham who is an 8-year-old boy. It’s hard to talk right now, but I don’t think any of you can imagine the story behind this shoe. This boy is currently being held hostage in the Gaza Strip with seven members of his family. All that’s left of his house is this shoe. We are waiting for him here.”

Israel Head Coach Alon Hazan also spoke about Nave’s shoe, “This shoe is a chilling living testimony and what kills me more than that is that some of the victims don’t even have a little bit of a memory. There are moments in life when you can’t explain the pain you feel, you can’t explain many things and you still have to stay sane and remember what you fought for. Your legs will run, your head will think and your heart will continue to ache. This is what accompanies us in all of these games, even if we make it to the Euros with God’s help, the pain will still accompany everyone.”

Eli Dasa – Photo Credit: IFA

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