Against all odds, just go out and WIN!

Feb 29, 2016 | The Pulpit

The Minhelet is just not fair. No way, no how can Israel’s Football League body justify having second place Maccabi Tel Aviv play Saturday afternoon while league leaders Hapoel Beer Sheva play on Monday night when both have Israel State Cup matches on Wednesday night!

What is the Minhelet thinking!?!?! It just seems to me that the league wants to stick it to Maccabi and crown a new champion, otherwise the league would be a bit more fair when figuring out the schedule that they lay out for the teams that are battling for first and second place!

Please, explain to me how the league put the final Matchday of the second round of games together? PLEASE! It makes absolutely ZERO sense whatsoever! The fact is Maccabi has had a long, an absolutely very long year beginning back in mid-June when the players began their 2015-16 campaign getting ready for Europe under then new coach Slavisa Jokanovic.

June certainly feels like an eon ago but yes, that’s when the Yellow-and-Blue assembled to embark on a historic Champions League qualifying run that saw them playing almost two matches a week through December with nary a break considering many of the players also had Israel National Team duty.

Plane rides, different countries, sleeping in hotels and this is the thanks that Maccabi gets for representing Israeli football throughout Europe and the World? Really?!?!

Is this the thanks Maccabi gets for holding the torch high for Israeli football all year long? Some thanks! They stick Maccabi with a Saturday afternoon game after a Wednesday night contest while Beer Sheva gets to wait until Monday! NOT FAIR! Disgrace!

How does the league get away with this? And don’t give me the TV rights bit again. Maccabi Haifa is playing a Cup match on Tuesday night and they get to play the Haifa Derby on Sunday. Why not flip flop that match with Maccabi Tel Aviv? And please don’t give me the excuse that they can’t have Maccabi play on Sunday night because Maccabi Tel Aviv BC is playing a basketball derby on that evening against Hapoel Tel Aviv! We’ve seen that movie before!

For the league to blatantly show favoritism is just play plain old bias. The league can’t take the fact that Maccabi is going for its 4th straight league title! It just plain bothers them, hence the scheduling.

Just like yesterday, Manchester United had to play a hugely important and crucial match against Arsenal after competing on Thursday night in the Europa League, Maccabi will have to do the same. What did ManU do? They went out and won and that’s exactly the same thing Maccabi has to do. Go out and just WIN!

Defeat Kfar Saba on Wednesday, beat them on Saturday and then go to the playoffs and march into Toto-Turner Stadium and hand Beer Sheva their first loss at their new home!

No excuses, no complaints. Against all odds, just go out and WIN!

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