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This is it! Israel Sports

On Monday October 4th at 4pm the Sports World will never be the same! Israel Sports goes Live “On Air” for 8 hours a day, Sunday-Thursday from 4pm until midnight Israel Time.

We will be bringing you the best in sports, from NFL to MLB playoffs, from Omri Casspi and the NBA to the opening of the NHL season, from Israeli Premier League soccer to the Israel Basketball Super League, from Rugby & Cricket to World Football – we have covered all the bases and we can’t wait to bring it to you the fans!

On a personal note, my show “The Sports Rabbi” will air Wednesday nights from 7-9pm Israel time and will feature guests from around the globe. Along with co-host Mark Pollock will look at all the sports in America, Israel and beyond!

The fans will be invited to participate in all aspects of the station by calling in on both our Israel phone # 02-563-4751 and out USA & Canada line 718-305-5305. As well you will be able to chat with us live wile we are on air! Send us questions for our guests, comment and have a great time! That’s what Israel Sports is all about.

Andy Gershman came up with our tag line “Building Love of Israel, One Sports Fan at a Time” and that really sums up what Israel Sports is all about.

If you Love Israel and you Love Sports, then tune us in. If you are sitting in an office in Manhattan or Chicago, turn your computer on to Israel Sports and get the latest in sports with a twist of Israel!

Along with following all of your favorites, get to know about Sports in Israel. Learn about the Maccabi Tel Aviv’s rich history in Europe. Check out Beitar Jerusalem or Maccabi Haifa soccer action, experience other sports such as judo, fencing and water polo in and around the country. How does a country such as Israel continuously battle the tops nations around the world? Tune in and find out!

Myself and my partners Andy Gershman & Ari Louis are excited to bring you the best and we have a great line up of guests for our first week.

Tune in Monday October 4th at 4pm and find out what everyone has been talking about!

Israel Sports will be “On the Air”!