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Sports Rabbi Project

The Sports Rabbi connects the world to Israel, Sports and Judaism through fun educational activities involving Israeli sports from its illustrious past, wonderful present and enticing future.

The Sports Rabbi Israel Experience invites you to explore the exciting world of Israeli sports by experiencing the energy of a soccer game or the singing Hatikvah with thousands at a basketball game. The Israel Experience is the perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip and can be combined with a Mitzvah project helping support Israeli athletes!

Israel Experience Hilights include:

– Take part in an Israel basketball or soccer training session
– Attend an Israel Basketball or Soccer game at one of the brand new state of the art stadiums
– Learn about Israel at the Olympics
– Meet some of Israel’s modern day heroes and greatest athletes
– Sign a Lifetime contract with one of the clubs as a Special Ambassador
– See sports as a tool to improve Israeli society, including visits to athletic programs for youth-at-risk, special needs children, immigrants and refugees

The Sports Rabbi Presentation brings Israel and sports to all ages as a way to create a bond between modern day Israel, their favorite pastimes and Judaism. This is done by engaging in two way sports talk with a fully interactive presentation to groups of children, youth and adults in Israel and around the world. Sharing stories about Israeli athletes, sports clubs and the colorful history of Israeli sports at local synagogues, schools and Jewish community centers will keep the participants at the edge of their seats for a thrilling experience.

Presentation topics include:

– Theodor Herzl at the Zionist Conference in Basel
– HaTikvah the Israeli National Anthem
– Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook the first chief Rabbi of Palestine’s view on sports
– The first Jewish sports clubs Maccabi and Hapoel
– The Holocaust connection
– Israel at the Olympics
– Modern day Israeli sports and heroes
– Hebrew sports songs and cheers

The Sports Rabbi Project gives underprivileged Israeli youth the opportunity to participate in after school sports activities through formal and informal avenues along with continuing to promote the love of Israel through sports.

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