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Elisha Levy names Israel National Team to face Albania

Dov Halickman Photography

Israel National Team Head Coach named his squad for the upcoming World Cup Qualifying contest against Albania on Saturday night. Included in his team were keepers Dudu Goresh (Hapoel Beer Sheva), Omri Glazer (Maccabi Haifa) and Ofir Marchiano (Hibernians). Defenders Eli Dasa, Omri Ben Harush and Eitan Tibi (Maccabi Tel Aviv), Shir Tzedek (Hapoel Beer Sheva), Rami Gershon (Gent), Taleb Tawhatha (Frankfurt). Midfielders David Klejtens & Dan Einbinder (Beitar Jerusalem), Nir Bitton (Celtic), Almog Cohen (Ingolstadt), Neta Lavi (Maccabi Haifa), Dor Micha (Maccabi Tel Aviv) Maor Bozaglo (Hapoel Beer Sheva), Bibras Natcho (CSKA). Strikers Tal Ben Chaim (Maccabi Tel Aviv), Michael Ohana & Ben Sahar (Hapoel Beer Sheva), Eran Zahavi (Guangzhou), Eliran Atar (Maccabi Haifa), Tomer Hemed (Brighton).

Youngsters Glazer, Klejtens, Lavi and Ohana were all called up for the first time, while Sahar, Marchiano, Natcho and Tawhatha made their return to the National Team. Left out this time around were Monas Dabbbur, Ariel Harush and Boris Kleyman.

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